West Side Massage Therapy LLC

About Me

When I decided to go to college to become a Massage Therapist I was 19. I had absolutely no idea what I had signed up for. I originally just thought this would be a fun and flexible career. Little did I know, I was beginning a unique adventure, learning about the human body & how it functions. Which transformed into a passion for helping others.


My career has brought me all around Indianapolis. From working at local events, & employee appreciation days, to general on-site chair massages for businesses. I have traveled to clients homes with my chair & table, worked in a Hospital Wellness Program, and offered Therapeutic massages in several Chiropractic & Medical Doctors offices. 


I have over 10 years of experience massaging people of all walks of life. Including clients suffering from chronic pain, illnesses, injuries, over working, post surgery, pregnancy & birth. I also have been able to work with athletes, elderly, blue collar & business folks. 


Offering a range of different modalities has allowed me to fine tune my craft. Yes- I love a client who can handle my evil, little elbow in a Deep Tissue session. Ha! But, my goal with EVERY client - no matter age, condition or size - is to provide a truly custom massage experience. I offer a professional massage that is specifically tailored for each of my clients, backed by years of experience.