West Side Massage Therapy LLC


Package Pricing:

3, Hour Sessions 

3, Hour Swedish sessions $230

3, Hour Deep Tissue sessions $290


3, 90 minute sessions 

3, 90m Swedish sessions $315

3, 90m Deep Tissue sessions $390


6, Hour Sessions 

$460 (Swedish/Prenatal) 

$490 (Deep Tissue) 


12, Hour Sessions 

$900 (Swedish) 

$960 (Deep Tissue)


6, 90min sessions 

$640 (Swedish) 

$730 (Deep tissue)


12, 90min sessions 

$1,260 (Swedish) 

$1,440 (Deep tissue)


If you would like to purchase a Package please reach out to me directly through my website, email or call.

I will then send you an invoice to your email for payment of your package. 


To schedule your sessions, all you need to do is look at my availability on my online scheduling system (located from the main menu under the tabs) and let me know what dates/times are ideal for you.

Typically folks purchase their package, then schedule their first session from it. 

These packages can be scheduled all at once or at your leisure. 

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out!