West Side Massage Therapy LLC

On site Event Massage

On Site Event Massage

I offer Chair & Table Event Massages. 

I need information such as dates, time frames, the amount of people for any event, and an idea of how long of of sessions you are looking for for each person. 

From there I will create a quote for pricing of your Event. This quote includes my travel fee, set up and break down, cleaning between all Massages, paperwork, time between all mini sessions,  and the time I use to help create a “Master  Plan” for your event to incorporate Massage with ease. 

I have over 10 years of experience setting events up & working at them, this experience is truly an asset for any event large scale or small. Sometimes I can include extra Massage Therapists in my events. Typically though I am solo at events (just like I am in the office), but with adequate notice I can help most folks make any event special!


*Local Events will not require a travel fee.

*I must be contacted directly via email or phone to discuss details listed above.

I need notice. I can’t always accommodate last minute events. I need a minimum of two weeks to a month to work out details and planning. I always encourage you to reach out and ask either way though.. because if I can help, I certainly will! 


Email: PlainfieldMassageTherapy@gmail.com

Call: (317) 607-8724